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honestly what is the point - phatfarm41 - 05-29-2020

Hello, ive recently logged back into my old runescape account made in 2005, I last played in like 2012.
Now ive come back and got back into my account, what is the point in being able to have that account only in the version where ive never played it.

Id probably play it again if I could play runescape old school and not have to start again as level 3.... 

Have people that now play runescape oldschool really trained up there accounts, even though they might be maxed in the now runescape version.

RE: honestly what is the point - Hell Nova - 06-16-2020

All of us had to restart on Old School RS at level 3, my friend Sad It sounds bad and a grind but, Jagex has implemented so much things into the game to help decrease the grind that we've all once done already. It's actually really nice to kind of relive that nostalgia in the game again that we have from 2006 and 2006. Give it a try, I promise you'll enjoy it man!

RE: honestly what is the point - RunescapeChap - 06-23-2020

To be fair, it's easier to train up than it was back in the day. If anything, you can just do the basic quests, kill sand crabs, and then max out in Nightmare Zone so you can move onto high level content.

RE: honestly what is the point - Dirty Ranarr - 07-02-2020

I love the early game. Quick Levels, open world with unlimited ways and it just nice having an empty bank to fill back up with junk and other useless items.
But the main reason to have a fresh start is so that everyone logging in on day one had no advantage, 6 years down the track it doesn't make much sense but still to this day players are creating new accounts, especially those that enjoy the hardcore aspects. For the casual player, it might be hard to see the point, but few hours a week you can get a nice account going again.

RE: honestly what is the point - The duck - 07-18-2020

It's very easy to train your account again nowadays, please give it a try.

RE: honestly what is the point - Cronuh - 09-13-2020

It is well worth the grind. It is such a great version of the 2007 game. Also to note, your account you made will still be the same as it was back then, just on RS3. Unsure if you were aware of that.

RE: honestly what is the point - Simon - 11-29-2020

I'm with you, my friend. I also had to restart on Old School RS account of mine at level 3 Sad