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W13's Security Tips - W13 - 09-24-2018

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1. Protect your email account. This is the most important part of your online identity.

  1. Enable two-step verification. Many email providers offer this feature but if your email provider doesn't, I suggest you switch to This will make your email account a million times safer.
  2. Make sure your email account's security questions and password are unique. Don't use this password anywhere else.
  3. Make sure your recovery email address and phone number is valid, and the recovery email account is safe too.
  4. Create a new email address for signing up to RuneScape fansites and forums. Don't use this email address on your RuneScape account. In total, have two email accounts: one for personal use and for RuneScape (use this on very trusted websites), and another one for RuneScape fansites, forums, and any other small websites that require signing up. It goes without saying: don't use your real name on this second email account. Keep your real name secret to avoid hackers trying to disassemble your security using online data (e.g. using your LinkedIn, Facebook, and old Twitter to learn your mother's maiden name, the street where you grew up on, your current address, etc. and then using this to reset your email password).
2. Protect your computer. If your computer is compromised, it doesn't matter how long or complex your password is.

  1. The Windows default antivirus, Windows Defender, is excellent and you don't need to download a replacement. If you wish to use an alternative antivirus, check out Clam or Avast. Make sure you have one antivirus constantly running on your computer. Do not have more than one antivirus software running concurrently.
  2. Do a full scan of your computer using Windows Defender (or whatever antivirus software you have installed).
  3. Do a full scan of your computer using Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.
  4. Do a full scan of your computer using Malware Bytes Antirootkit.
  5. Do a full scan of your computer using Gmer.
  6. Do a full scan of your computer using TDSSKiller.
  7. Make it a habit to do these full scans every month or two. Save the logs so you can share them with experts to help identify hidden/suspicious viruses on your computer.
  8. Open your task manager ( CTRL+SHIFT+ESC ) and look for any suspicious applications, specially under the "Start-up" tab. (Or, better still, you can download CCleaner and check under Tools > Startup)
  9. Keep your Windows up to date using Windows Update to ensure all security holes are patched.
  10. Also ensure all installed apps are updated. Go through your installed apps list and remove everything that you haven't used in a while and won't need to use in the foreseeable future. Sometimes hackers can use exploits in random software like Adobe Acrobat to gain access to your computer.

3. Protect your IP address.

  1. Don't use any RuneScape-related downloadable software. Play RuneScape using the official downloadable client.
  2. VPN/proxy service to have peace of mind knowing that your IP address and geographic location are safe is well worth the tiny price. It will also protect you from DDoS attacks. Also, thanks to the encryption, nobody will be able to hack you using an unsecure public-WiFi/LAN. Due to often poor routing and throttling by ISPs, a VPN may actually speed up your connection. For added security, consider TOR over VPN.
  3. Make sure your router is using the latest firmware. Use something other than the default password.
  4. Use Cloudflare's Public DNS (or Google's Public DNS) on your router (or browser). It will speed up your Internet, make you safer, and it's free. This is a no-brainer.
  5. If you aren't using a VPN or TOR and still want to protect your IP address temporarily to access a suspicious site, use your phone's mobile connection (and even tether it to your PC to use the phone's IP address for a while).
4. Protect your password.

  1. Use unique passwords for everything. Of course, you can't remember them all, so instead of doing something stupid like making a Notepad file on your desktop called "Passwords.txt", use Google Chrome's built-in password manager. There are some other ones available such as LastPass or the free KeePass, but Google Chrome is enough for most people.
  2. If you primarily play from home, make it a rule to never log into RuneScape from a computer other than your own. Your friends may install keyloggers on their own computers for the sole purpose of stealing your passwords when you use their PC to play. Just don't trust any computer other than your own.
  3. When you sign up to RuneScape fansites and forums, use a fake date of birth and falsify other information as well. Your date of birth, location (city, country), etc. can be used to help hack your RuneScape and email accounts. Be careful not to add any RuneScape friends on Facebook or register domain-names where your personal information can be easily viewed and used to steal your account. Don't fall for simple tricks where hackers simply ask you all this information in a seemingly casual conversation: "When's your birthday? I will give you a present", "What time zone are you playing from? Which city?", "You lag a lot? Who is your ISP? I bet they suck", etc.
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